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Items for Sale [Friday 26.5.06 @ 1:57am]

Items for sale. These do not include shipping and handling. Prices are negotiable.
Payment can be made by paypal, but I do prefer money order or check because I actually -know- how to use those things. I'm still trying with PayPal. Email me at Michiru.Sai@gmail.com for the address where payments can be mailed to.

Paypal payments can be made to: michiru.sai@gmail.com

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Will post more later. Keep Checking Back!
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New Layouts [Friday 19.5.06 @ 0:16am]

seas_of_neptune has a new layout... also, I'm going to be moving this to an actual LJ account. Why? Because I want to able to backdate posts and make things private. Like... my styles I want to keep at the top of the journal.

mnenosyne_sai and bookloon's journals are done.
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Layout Completions [Monday 1.5.06 @ 2:00am]

[ mood | silly ]

myztic_beauty, haruka_fanatic, and brilliantnova's layouts are completed. The rest are still in progress.

As a heads up, I am now opening up a chance for people to make donations. Why? Because I'm a poor young woman who makes a buncha layouts and wouldn't mind a buck or two for labor. I think I do enough of them, and I've more or less gotten down the pattern thing.

So, if anyone wants to spare a buck, you can mail in donations to me since I don't have a bank card/ paypal account. Any donations can be mailed to:

Michielle Leigh
7833 NorthEast 10th Street
Midwest City, OK 73110

Thank you~!

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Current layouts in progress [Wednesday 26.4.06 @ 5:29am]

Personal Journals:

tsuki_no_kodomo ~ DSC's affiliate group
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Layout Requests [Wednesday 10.5.06 @ 10:22am]


Notice to Layout Requestees: New Enforcements as of 2006.May.25
I've been swarmed by layouts! ~Sobs~ So, as of the date above I am no longer accepting requests for free. Instead, I shall be charging, because I'm a poor lonely little college student with my mouth to feed and bills to pay, and since people seem to like my layouts and I get four or five requests every two weeks, I decided that maybe I should look into making a tad bit of extra money.

I'm sorry to everyone who likes to get things for free, but I put a lot of time and effort into these things, and I just can't do them for free anymore. Not to mention that, in order to receive points towards my grades, I actually have to have made these for some margin of profit, otherwise it's not considered 'qualified freelance work' if not for myself personally. So the prices are as follows:

Custom Made LiveJournal Layouts (Base journal): Check each style for price
Friends Only Banner: 2$
Custom Mood Theme: 6$ (These suckers are DIFFICULT!)
Any other graphics: 2$ each


Style One: sweetsailormars ~ 6$
Style Two: seas_of_neptune~ 8$
Style Three: asweetermelody~ 8$
Style Four: rushing_wind~ 10$
Style Five: myztic_beauty~ 6$

Whatever information you want writting on the side (Name, nickname, links, etc) you have to let me know. Also, you have to provide the picture(s). I'm not hunting around for these things.


Thank you for your consideration~<3

More Styles Added Weekly (Or when able. I'm a busy little girl.)
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Layout Projects. [Sunday 13.8.06 @ 2:35am]

[ mood | busy ]

For kaze_no_kaigan: Your layout is complete. Pictures can be located here.
The icon is for you; the pictures are not needed to be hosted by you, because I'll be doing that myself through the photobucket account. Your preview can be viewed at michiru_layout1
Also, here is the FO banner that goes with your layout.

100% Complete
moradoshinigami: Preview It Here

96% Complete
harukalioncourt: Your layout is nearly complete

70% Complete
haruka_fanatic: Header complete Code in Progress, as well as background graphics.
rushing_wind: Header complete. Code in Progress.

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[Thursday 6.4.06 @ 7:38am]



More behind here.Collapse )
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